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Paula Feuchtenberger

Garden Name: Deterre Gardens
Contact Information: (320)-349-0201
Website: Deterre Gardens

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.44.50 PM

We started selling at the market in 2008 with our boys. Max and Alex prepared the “extra” produce from our garden and sold it at the market. They were so excited to earn some extra money. As parents we started to put the proceeds into a college fund for our four boys. The market, and my position at the market just evolved from that time. We cleared a grove from some land on our farm and the the boys planted a few pumpkin seeds. They sold the pumpkins from a small wagon at the end of the driveway, they ran out in a few weeks, so the next year they planted more. We now operate the “Pumpkin Shed” in the fall, selling over 50 varieties of winter squash and pumpkins, mums, and other fall decorations. This year, Max, our oldest son, will graduate from college with a horticulture landscape degree and is opening a landscaping business and a small greenhouse at our farm.

Along with our garden, mum field and pumpkin field, we operate a small high tunnel and grow mostly tomatoes in it that produce earlier and longer than tomatoes out in our regular garden. We sell tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beets, lettuce, onions, raspberries, strawberries, apples, watermelon, zucchini, asparagus, kholorbi, cucumbers, rhubarb, sweet corn and fresh cut flowers at the market,all grown right on our farm. We use compost from our pigs and use “organic” sprays when necessary. We eat the food too, so we don’t want to put anything harmful on it. We use reuse our “plastic” mulch in-between the row for weed control, and a good ole hoe, to get in between the plants. The only thing I “bake” is zucchini bread. We have grown as our boys have grown through the years and now we have reached the point of cutting back because our boys are committed to other jobs and do not have the time to grow and prepare all the vegetables for market. We will continue to grow and operate our “pumpkin shed” from our farm every fall and the greenhouse is open in Spring. We are located halfway between Morris and Hancock, right off of Hwy. 9, across the tracks.

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