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Dorothy Rosemeier

Business Name: Dorothy Rosemeier Enterprises
Contact Information:(320)-760-3735,
Website:Dorothy Rosemeier Enterprises

Retired as an Extension Educator with the University of Minnesota where I worked for 34 years. Since retirement in 2012, I have consulted and taught food preservation and cooking, as well as grow and market food preserves and baked products at the Morris market starting in 2013. I grew up on a small family farm in Southeast Minnesota where I learned the art of food preservation and sewing from my mother and 4-H that I have perfected through my Extension career and now business. Part of my mission in selling at the market is to educate the public on health benefits of fresh and local foods and introduce new products that I do through free sampling and recipes.

I sell mostly value added products such as pickled and fermented vegetables, jams and jellies, and sauces such as bean & corn tomato salsa and apple tomato chutney. Also sell herbs for cooking, a few garden veggies and garlic as well as a few baked products. Most of the ingredients for my valued added products are from my garden and other local sources that are in season. I like to introduce products that are in season such as asparagus pickles and radish relish in June, cauliflower and bean pickles in July/August, and tomato jam and sauces in August/Septembers. In 2016, I started selling up-cycled aprons, promoting recycling and recycled designs from old shirts and blue jeans.

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