Julia’s Gluten-Free Goodness

Julia Dabbs
Contact Information: (320)-589-1736  Email: jkdbakes@gmail.com
Facebook: Julia’s Gluten-Free Goodness

About Julia’s Gluten-Free Goodness

I started vending after I became frustrated that I couldn’t buy or eat most of the wonderful baked goods at the market due to being gluten-intolerant. I also love to bake, and have been making cheesecakes for sale for over 20 years, so I decided to expand to all gluten-free (and often paleo) items for the summer market. I am looking forward to selling some new items, such as gummy bears, macaroons, and bagels, along with past favorites such as focaccia bread, truffles, and dog biscuits. All of my proceeds go to the Stevens County Humane Society. *I will only be selling at the market until mid-August, but am very willing to bake on commission at other times of the year, as my schedule allows.


I provide gluten-free food items in different categories, such as breads, muffins, granola, cookies, and candy, and takes advantage of the full flavors of seasonal items such as rhubarb, zucchini, herbs, and natural flavorings such as lavender and rosewater. Organic ingredients are used whenever possible. On my Facebook page I will share each week what I’ll be bringing to market; I’m also happy to take requests.

These items are not just for individuals with gluten intolerance —- they are intended to be enjoyed by everyone!