Meet Our Vendors

Know your farmer! Click on the links to learn more about each of our vendors: who they are, what they sell and how you can connect with them online.

Know your farmer! Click on the links below to learn more about our vendors, what they sell and how they bring you fresh, local foods each week.

Aaron Wenzel

Fresh bread and other baked goods.

Carole & Dennis Johnson

Baked goods, jams, and jellies.

Creative Confections-Johanna Franey

Baked goods, mainly cupcakes and macarons.

Debra Dietz

Probiotic foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi.

Dorothy Rosemeier

Canned goods, baked goods, herbs, and up-cycled designs.

Julia Dabbs

Gluten-free baked goods and other treats.

Maria Aguilar & Luisa Cabrera

Mexican cakes, baked goods, and salsas.

Norma Herrera

Tortillas, cookies, bread, and sweet empanadas.

Prairie Horizons Farm

100% Grass-Fed Beef from Certified Organic pastures, Certified Organic veggies and orchard fruits
**Pre-order only in 2020**

Providence Farms

Baked goods, canned goods, and a variety of fresh produce.

Sally Nohl

Fresh produce, baked goods, and fresh flowers.

Shyla Isaac

Breads, other baked goods, and honey-sweetened jams.

Tobin Tyler & Davis Bonk

During the months of the market, we sell a large variety of different vegetables but our specialty is fresh roots—colorful, sweet carrots, beets, radishes, and turnips.

Vernon Christie

Fresh produce and herbs.