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Sweet, Sour, Bitter: Kick-off for Tastebuds!

Yesterday was opening day for the Morris Area Farmers Market. Prior to the bell being rung at 3:00pm to mark the opening, we were bustling around making sure that everything was set-up with vendors, organized for Tastebuds!, and ready to go for a good afternoon. The rhubarb was quickly harvested from a backyard of a friend just moments before the bell rung!

For Tastebuds! this week, we were excited to have Gary and Sarah leading the demonstration. We decided to kick this year’s season off with a sweet, sour, bitter demonstration which included a wide range of fruits, veggies, and other snacks for kids to try. Kids were walked through slicing limes, rhubarb, mint, dark chocolate, and candied orange peels. Each food required a bit of thought to decide if it was sweet, sour, or bitter, and often, one couldn’t agree to which it was with the person next to them. It was fun to explore the differences of everyones tastebuds.

Along with the Tastebuds! demonstration, we also had Rilee and Mary Jo lead a continuous demonstration for Grains and Beans! They walked people through a Louisiana Red Bean and Rice recipe with garlic scapes, which was delicious. They will be coming back next week with another easy and delicious recipe made up of affordable and accessible food items.

The market also had face painting and seed planting put on by Lazos, and it was super fun to see the kids walking around with butterflies, rainbows, and bears painted on their faces. Starting next week, the Power of Produce for kids through SCMC will also be at the market.

With those exciting endeavors, Grains and Beans, and Tastebuds! we had a busy market and will continue to! We hope to see everyone next week for more adventures with food.


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