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Pico de Gallo: August 23rd

To combine the plentiful tomatoes, onions, and peppers that are in season and at the farmers market right now, Maria, Diego, and Azul were able to come in and share a delicious Pico de Gallo with all of us.

Each kid at tastebuds was able to combine their favorite ingredients, along with a touch of salt and olive oil, which they were then able to enjoy  with freshly sautéed corn tortillas to make chips.

Upon planning the Pico de Gallo, we settled upon it because it required little preparation or cooking. Given more time and space, Maria and her family would have also loved to share a Green Salsa with tomatillos. This exploration can still happen on your own though, especially with all of the tomatillos being seen at the market!

Not only we were making a delicious combination, but Mary Jo and Rilee made a similar dish, but it was a cold salsa salad with the addition of beans, corn, and other wonderful spices.

We only have a few more weeks left of the market, and included in it will be demonstrations on cultured vegetables, kombucha, and more. We will see you soon!



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