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Group Cooking Adventures: Final Month of the Market

Due to school starting for the elementary, high school, and University, things got a little quiet around the Market. Because of this, we moved away from having a weekly demonstration along with a Grains and Beans demonstration, so we combined them!

During the last month, we made sautéed vegetables over grains, and lots of soup! Soup season has come upon us. During the chilly days of the Market, we would grab a vegetable from each vendor, sautéed it with salt and pepper, and slowly add water. As these would sit together, the flavors would blend and combine, creating a broth and warm, delicious mix of flavors.

Finishing up with collaborative cooking and accessible meals, we realized how much we had learned from a summer of cooking at the Market. We learned the importance of trying new flavors, incorporating local vegetables and recipes, and being willing to try something different. We also learned how important it was to involve anybody interested, this looked like cooking together, meeting one another, discovering shared commonalities, and planning new meals.

We, at Tastebuds! and at the Morris Area Farmers Market, look forward to another great season ahead of us next summer. As always, we welcome new ideas, new friends, and new foods to join our team.

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