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Rhubarb Sauce and Vegetable Skewers: July 5th-July12th

For the July 5th Tastebuds!, Susie and her daughter, Lilly, came in to demonstrate how to make a simple rhubarb sauce. It was perfectly timed, as the beginning of July is right when the Rhubarb is finishing up for harvest and gearing up to go to seed for the next year, so they harvested it right in time. Rhubarb sauce can be used over ice cream, kept plain, or added to any other snack that you enjoy!

It’s always awesome to have them come in to demonstrate, and we hope to have them back in the fall to showcase other preservation skills.

The recipe for their sauce will be at the end of this post.

Following that week, Sarah worked with Rilee and Mary Jo, the Grains and Beans demonstrators, to create fresh vegetable skewers with produce from the multiple vendors at the market. Included on the skewers was carrots, tomatoes, kohlrabi, eggplant, and onion. This was served with the  Tabbouleh, a mediterranean salad with cucumbers, bulgur, tomatoes, and other fun additions. The skewers and tabbouleh combined made for a delicious afternoon snack for the outdoor Tastebuds! session that we had.

To make a vegetable skewer, they simple washed and prepared their vegetables into appropriately cut chunks, sauced them up with vegetable oil, and grilled them for about 5-10 minutes. Any assortment of vegetables works well.

We are looking forward to next week and learning how to mill different flours from Shyla. Hope to see you there!

Rhubarb Sauce


  • 1 Quart Cut-up Rhubarb
  • 1/2 + Cup Sugar


  • Pick rhubarb, cut off leaves and any root
  • Cut stems into 0.5-1.5 inch segments
  • Put a small amount of water in the bottom of a saucepan, then add rhubarb
  • Cook, stirring regularly, over low-medium heat until rhubarb completely falls apart (2+ hours)
  • Add sugar to taste
  • Store in refrigerator
  • Eat plain or put on ice cream!


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