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Shyla Isaac

Contact Information: (320)-585-8492 or (320)-287-0460


Farmer’s Market has been a big part of my life since I was a little girl.I grew up in Alberta, Canada, where Farmer’s Market is held all year long! My grandmother was an avid baker, and Farmer’s Market was her outlet. We grandkids bagged thousands of loaves of bread, and filled ice cream pails full of cookies. Her floor was slick with flour, and there was always something good coming out of the oven. It was acoveted privilege to go “help” Grandpa’s at FM. I use many of Grandma’s recipes to this day, and bake in her pans and cookie sheets. I started vending in Morris in 2016, and found it to be such a friendly, welcoming community. I have four sons to keep occupied, they all have their specialties they prepare for the market.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 2.04.29 PM
Sour dough

I acquired an ancient electric stone wheat grinder at an auction one summer. I excitedly started researching types of wheat and where to source the wheat berries. Almost all of my breads have freshly ground wheat flour in them, and the flavour can’t be beat. I find a way to sneak it in everything, from pie crust to tortillas. Using the whole grain ensures the best nutritional benefits. I am also experimenting with sour dough.
I also started making jams sweetened with local honey, as opposed to sugar. I find the fruit flavor shines through in a unique way, and feel that jam should taste like fruit, not sugar with fruit flavoring! I offer samples, and love to try unique recipes. My all-time favorite is Maple Peach Vanilla Bean jam, sweetened with maple syrup. Sold in the late summer as soon as peaches are available.
I feel strongly that pie is one of life’s great pleasures, and should be enjoyed every weekend in summer when the fresh fruit is at its best. I feel that it should also be enjoyed all winter long, and make sure we have plenty of apples and pumpkin. Just because Farmer’s Market quits in the fall, does not mean I quit baking! Call me and I will be happy to make your favorite pie, or help you with any baking needs.

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