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Flour Milling Adventures: July 19th

On one of the rainiest days of the summer this season, we were excited to be inside making some noise with the flour mill at Tastebuds!. Shyla, a Morris Area Farmers Market vendor, brought in her flour mill, along with corn and wheat to use in the mill.

Those who adventured to the market through the rain were able to see the process from seed to flour of the corn and wheat. It involves the grinder of the mill, the addition of the corn or wheat, lots of loud noises, and then the final outcome involving of small or large grained flour. Everyone was then able to taste the zucchini corn bread muffins that were made prior to.

What was even more exciting was having a rush of new kids come to the market after the Morris Area Public Library hosted a magician for their event. It was quite fun to see new people interact with the food demonstration!

Along with the Tastebuds! excitement, Grains and Beans was also cooking up another delicious combination of fresh sautéed vegetables from the market with a tasty grain. They are always up to cooking up good smells.

The summer at the Market has been moving fast, and soon we will see school beginning for most of those in town. We will be looking for ways to continue the involvement in food, even after the adventures of school begins because with cooking, the adventure never ends!







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