Taste Buds

Fresh Basil Pesto: August 2nd

The morning of the Morris Area Farmers Market on August 2nd started with Tastebuds demonstrator for the week, Jenny, and coordinator, Abbey setting out to their friend’s garden to harvest some fresh basil. After about 30 minutes of clipping, they ended up with an overflowing bag of basil, which was then cleaned and prepped at Pomme de Terre Foods. By the beginning of the market, the food adventures were well on their way.

Jenny had brought her best recipe to Tastebuds! that day: with the fresh basil, parmesan, garlic, and the oil- it was sure to be tasty. Those that came were able to chop and blend the basil, as the other ingredients were slowly prepped and added. Luckily for everyone, we were able to get fresh bread from the market and taste the delicious pesto on that. Many people were definitely asking for the recipe from this day.

While we prepped the basil, Mary Jo and Rilee prepared a great dish with fresh carrots and grains. As always, their demonstrations always produce good smells that carry people into the room.

We will be continuing Tastebuds! and Grains and Beans demonstrations until the end of the market, and we are excited to be continuously sharing with you what we’ve got going on!


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