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Fresh Flatbread: August 9th

For the second week of August, we were lucky enough to bring in Demcie, an excellent baker and bread maker! The bubbly dough was prepared the night before so that it was fluffy for the day of the demonstration.

Those that attended were able to have their own personal ball of dough and shape it into a soft, round flatbread that would then be cooked over the stove top. In shaping the dough, there were many creations created, such as Mr. Flat Bread that had a face attached to it!

After the dough was flattened and cooked, it could then be topped with fresh strawberry jam from the market or homemade black bean burgers the the Grains and Beans demonstrators had prepared for the day-each made a delicious combination of sweet or savory.

From such a simple recipe, flour, yeast, water, oil, and salt resulted such a wonderful variation of bread. Not only with jam or burgers, but  flatbread can be used as a dip in soup, pizza crust, and so much more.

Stay tuned for more food adventure stories!



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