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Fruit and Veggie Smoothies: August 16th

Taking in the fresh greens and fruit at the market, Sarah, our Tastebuds! demonstrator for the week decided to make fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies for the day! From choices including beet greens, plums, and apples, kids were able to craft a smoothie that was both refreshing and delicious.

Including greens in a smoothie was a new addition for many people this day, and it included reactions of both of excitement and confusion- both feelings that result from new food adventures. As the season continues, this demonstration is meant to encourage everyone to explore smoothies and what’s added to them. Who knows, maybe fall squash in a smoothie would be quite fun, only you are to say!

The bustle and noise of the blender for the smoothies was a good addition to the slow simmering of the vegetable and grain dish that Mary Jo and Rilee were preparing in the other part of the room. As always the smell of sautéed garlic brings people into the Community Room, where they stay to explore the tastes and smells of the day.

We are nearing the Fall harvests and the market, which will continue to bring in fresh produce for our demonstrations coming up- including salsa, fermented vegetables, and soup.

See you soon, food explorers!




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