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Cultured Vegetables: August 30th

It’s the season for taking in all of the fall harvest that you can, and if you can’t eat it or share it all, then preserving it as best you can is a great thing to do!

To do that, we had our friends Deb and Sarah come in and demonstrate for Tastebuds! how to craft your own form of preservation through fermentation and culturing vegetables. The choice of the day was to make sauerkraut from freshly shredded cabbage chosen from vendors at the Market.

We were able to learn about the importance of cultured vegetables, their history in food, and the tasty differences within the different methods and combinations it can be made into.

All the while, we had delicious smells coming from the Grains and Beans demonstrations as they prepared a delicious combination of sautéed squash, zucchini, and other delicious vegetables!

Soon to follow, a post about the continuation of our adventures with bubbly fermentation!

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